Harnessing tech to turn the waste bound for landfill or the sea into electricity and fuel

We're an Australian climate-tech startup turning waste matter into energy

Cyclion Signs Agreement with Philippines Government

October 13, 2023

We're an Australian climate-tech startup turning waste matter into energy

Cyclion Energy Making Headway on Liquefaction of Waste to Fuel

September 14, 2023

We're an Australian climate-tech startup turning waste matter into energy

Positive Initial Research Results for Plastics and Biomass

May 1, 2023

We're an Australian climate-tech startup turning waste matter into energy

Cyclion Energy Joins Forces with Sea World Foundation for Marine Conservation

August 16, 2023

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Waste to resource: a recycling revolution


Global pollution is outpacing contemporary waste management. Overflowing landfills, oceans choked with rubbish, and endless plastic stockpiles are the grim global reality.

Cracking this complex challenge requires a revolution, founded in innovation and environmentally friendly technology. Progress must be cheaper, smarter, and rooted in local solutions.

We’re an Australian clean tech start up converting household waste into energy

Cyclion Science-lead system costs less, is modular and therefore scalable, and has negligible emissions.

PioneEring technology

“Recycling has been around for over centuries, but less than 10% of plastic waste is actually recycled.1 The current recycling processes require significant mechanical force to sort and pre-treat mixed waste, but Cyclion mitigates this issue by rapidly and efficiently converting waste into energy. It’s the solution our planet has been asking for for decades.”

Profile picture of Philip Major

Philip Major

cyclion founder

1 OECD. (2019). Plastic pollution is growing relentlessly as waste management and recycling fall short, says OECD. Retrieved from here

Rubbish tip with piles of waste and bulldozer pushing rubbish, birds in sky in background sunset.


Our Technology

Embark on a recycling revolution, where minimal pretreatment is powered by unique design and catalysts. Operating below 310ºC, alongside atmospheric pressure, it slashes costs, paving the way for Cyclion to be your economically viable solution on a small and large scale. Its modular design is your bridge to a greener future; whether you're on an island, in a remote region, or at the heart of a vibrant urban center.





Minimal Pre-sorting

Less than 310ºC operating temp

Modular and scalable solution

3D model of Cyclion trommel system demonstrating filtering of waste materials.

PioneEring technology

Cyclion Catalytic Fluid (CCF)

Our proprietary next generation Cyclion Fluids liquifies plastics and biomass (such as food scraps, paper, wood) converting it into a valuable commodity for fuel or electricity. Solving the issues of mixed waste management and energy production in one uniquely efficient mechanical model.

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Revolutionise recycling

and modular

The Cyclion System is able to scale to the size to suit its community with rolled out across small nations who have been underserved by larger systems. It’s modularity also makes it a great candidate for regional and remote community waste management and could facilitate it being mobile if necessary.

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Long distance view of 3D model of various stages in Cyclion sytem.
3D graphic of Cyclion separation tank.

Revolutionise recycling

Low emissions & environmentally safe

We use specially selected molten salts that exist as liquids at or near room temperature characterised by low toxicity, melting points, volatility, and strong thermal stability. The relatively lower temperature, lower pressure and special catalysts curb harmful gas production. We also use Algae tanks to purify water, exhaust gases, and convert CO2 to O2, ensuring an eco-friendly and sustainable system.

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QUT: Cyclion have commissioned QUT to demonstrate and assess our technology at the laboratory scale. We will be partnering with QUT to further develop, optimise and scale up our technology.