Cyclion Energy Joins Forces with Sea World Foundation for Marine Conservation

Cyclion and Sea World Foundation Announce Partnership


Aug 2023

The Sea World Foundation: A Catalyst for Marine Conservation

Research. Rescue. Conservation. And that’s just the beginning for the Sea World Foundation. The not-for-profit foundation is dedicated to understanding and protecting our amazing marine environments around the world by raising awareness and appreciation for the importance of conservation. Cyclion Energy is excited to partner with the Sea World Foundation to support sustainability for future generations.

Leading the way in marine life and environmental research, The Sea World Foundation conducts and supports multiple projects that explore marine life from their behaviours to their health, and the impact made from humans. They are passionate about helping marine animals in need, and in 2022, set the record for rescuing over 200 marine creatures from entanglements, injuries and beach strandings. The dedicated team is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To further their conservation footprint, the Sea World Foundation has partnered with two of Queensland’s major universities and the Queensland Government on their one-of-a-kind research projects. These projects include the Happy Whale project, the Dugong Population Research, Dolphin surveys and the Grey Nurse Research to monitor behaviours and movements. Each of the projects focuses on understanding and protecting these creatures’ health and their environments to progress marine conservation.

Cyclion: Pioneers in Sustainable Technology

Cyclion’s waste to energy solutions is making headway in finding an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution to landfill and rubbish buildup in our environment by liquefying waste and converting it into oil for fuels or electricity. After completing the proof of concept of testing with a major university in Queensland, Cyclion is moving onto optimisation of this cutting-edge technology and ‘Green Chemistry’ to break down these wastes. This activity will have huge benefits on our oceans and marine life, which sees 8.3 million tons of rubbish discarded into the sea and causes 100 million marine animals to die each year from plastic waste. With statistics high in every category, the waterways desperately need change and Cyclion is passionate about working towards a sustainable solution.

The Synergistic Partnership: Cyclion and the Sea World Foundation

The teams from Cyclion and the Sea World Foundation are proud to announce their collaboration on a sponsorship level. Together, they will strive for a sustainable future for the next generation and continue on this path towards marine and environmental conservation. With Cyclion’s help, the Sea World Foundation can continue their education, rescue and rehabilitation programs, whilst actively increasing public awareness on the major problems our sea life is facing.

Both Cyclion and the Sea World Foundation are excited to work towards making a positive impact and inspire dramatic change for the future of our ecosystems.